Denture Relines
Denture Relines

There are two different types of denture relines, hard relines and soft relines. Both types of relines can either be performed in office or by using a do-it-yourself denture reline kit.  Since your mouth and gums change or shrink over time, a denture reline is needed to keep your denture fitting well and to prevent your gums from shrinking faster.

Hard Relines:
Some hard relines can be performed in office and still be considered long lasting, but hard  relines can wear down your gums same as your hard plastic dentures can over time. With an office reline the reline material is cured in the Dentist office at the time of the reline.

A Soft Denture Reline is still considered the best type of reline available and long lasting. The material is mixed and cured in your denture in your mouth. The biggest disadvantage of a Lab Reline is that you are without your denture for a few days.

Soft reline:
A soft denture reline can be performed by you at home with a denture reline kit (click link above)until you can see your dentist.  A soft denture reline kit is by far the most inexpensive route to take when dentures become loose and irritating and will help keep your gums from shrinking.

WARNING: Home denture reline kits per FDA regulations are to be considered temporary solutions for loose dentures until a dentist can be seen. It is important to keep regular dentist appointments.

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