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New Scientific breakthrough in Dentistry has come with a Professional Corrective Reline Material that makes a Custom Fit for Loose and Irritating Dentures with an Amazing NEW Dental Material called PERMA SOFT . A do-it-yourself Professional material that will SAVE you HUNDREDS of Dollars until you can see a Dentist.

Now you can Professionally reline your own Denture for ONLY $19 until you can see a Dentist. The more you buy, the more you save using a Professional Grade material that a Dentist would use to Reline your Denture at a Fraction of the Cost. You can achieve comfortable, long-lasting results in between your dentist visits.

This is the ONLY Professional Denture Material of it's kind sold to the available for over-the-counter use.

Perma Soft is a Long-Term Corrective Reline Material with a Professional Custom Fit!


Please note: Perma Laboratories does not imply that by using our product that you no longer need to see a Dentist. Please keep your regular appointments for proper fitting Dentures..


Perma Soft is specially formulated for Problem Denture Wearers!

Perma Soft stays Soft but yet Firm and saves your Gums for Wear and Tear of your Hard Plastic Dentures and gives you a long lasting Reline which FEELS GREAT on your Gums.

So why feel miserable, insecure and embarrassed when you don't have to? Perma Soft tightens, cushions and relieves gum irritation, eliminates adhesive and slows down gum shrinkage.

FACT: Hard Plastic Dentures can wear down your gums. As this occurs your Denture becomes loose and must be Relined. Perma Soft has a resilient bounce-back texture which takes all the punishment and helps SAVE what Gums you have LEFT. What happens when your gums wear down to nothing? THINK ABOUT IT! It's bad enough to wear a set Dentures, let alone having them wear out your gum structure. So, let Perma Soft protect your Gums and have a Great Fit at the same time. We offer a 30-day-Guarantee, so you won't be out anything by purchasing our products.

You SAVE money 2 ways with Perma Soft 1. You save on a HIGH Dentist bill (until you can see your dentist) and 2. You don't need to purchase adhesive, powders, paste, or cushions.


Where Else can you get a Professional Reline for $19 and pamper your Gums at the same time? NOWHERE!

So, if you are Truly Dissatisfied with your Loose and Irritating Denture, and Sick and Tried of sore gums, I Urge you to try PERMA SOFT and Rid yourself of Misery for Good.

You cannot wear a set of Dentures with Satisfaction without a Good Gum Structure, so at least Save what Gums you have LEFT with a Soft but Firm RESILIENT (bounce back) textured material that will LAST!

So if you have Loose Dentures we have the best solution so your dentures don't have to be loose. It's bad enough just having to wear dentures let alone having them loose and moving around in your mouth.

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Perma Soft is Registered with FDA # 1528710 WARNING: Although Perma Soft lasts up to 2 years, FDA advises the consumer to use this product as a temporary solution for loose dentures until a dentist can be seen.

Disclaimer: Neither Perma Laboratories nor Perma Soft is affiliated nor connected with nor related to Dentsply, Int., Inc.whose federally registered Permasoft trademarked soft denture liner, use a different product than ours and is sold only to dental professionals and laboratories. Perma Soft is a common law trademark of Perma Laboratories. Our product is only sold to consumers and not to dental professionals or dental laboratories.

Different Kinds of Denture Relines

There are three different types of denture relines, hard relines and soft relines and cooked in liners or liner. Two of three types of relines can be performed by using a do-it-yourself denture reline kit. Since your mouth and gums change or shrink over time, a denture reline is needed to keep your denture fitting well and to prevent your gums from shrinking faster. The cooked in denture reline or liners has to be done in a Dental Lab or Dentist Office.

Hard Denture Relines:

Some hard relines can be performed in Dentist office and still be considered long lasting, but hard relines can wear down your gums same as your hard plastic dentures can over time. With an office reline the reline material is cured in you mouth in the Dentist office at the time of the reline.

Definitions of Related Words for Denture-Dentures Explained

Denture Repair: a denture repair is replacing (repairing) broken, missing or worn parts of a denture (reuniting) (repair) (denture repair) . A denture repair can be fixed with a repair kit. A denture repair kit contains dental material and instructions which will allow you to repair your denture. You can also have a dentist fix your broken repair, repairs usually take a day or so to be repaired by a dentist, or you can fix your own repair, repairs, with a denture repair kit in and hour or so.

Denture Repairs: denture repairs are broken, cracked or missing teeth on dentures that need fixing or a repair.(denture repairs) denture repairs means you have more than one repair on your denture to fix. Like your denture is cracked and has missing teeth so denture repairs must be made by a dentist or a do it yourself denture repair kit. We carry repairs kits here.

Denture Repair Kit: a kit containing denture repair items or packaged denture materials ready to fix the broken, missing worn parts of a denture (reuniting) (denture repair kit)(kit) a repair kit is used by the denture wearer to repair his own dentures. A denture repair kit can fix broken, cracked or missing teeth, denture repairs, a denture repair kit is a must if fixing your own denture repair. We carry repair kits here.

Denture Reline: a denture reline is adding a denture material to a denture and placing it into your mouth to fill in the empty space between the denture and the natural gums for a secure fit (denture reline). A reline is needed when dentures become loose and irritating and no longer fit, you can do your own reline with a reline kit or you can have it done by a dentist at a greater cost. We carry reline kits here.

Denture Reline Kit:a kit containing denture materials in a package ready to reline or fill the empty space between the denture and the natural gums for a secure fit (denture reline kit)(denture reline) . A denture reline kit allows you to reline your dentures at home, relines are easy and simple to do with great results. Using a do it yourself denture reline kit saves you money with the reline results you need. We carry reline kits here.

Reline Denture or Reline Dentures: reline denture or dentures is adding a denture material to denture and placing it into your mouth to fill in the empty space between the denture and the natural gums for a secure fit (reline dentures)(reline denture). Relines are needed when your dentures become loose and irritating and fall down, at this time you need to reline your dentures either using a doing it yourself denture reline kit or having a dentist reline your dentures for you. Relining your loose dentures is easy and simple to do.

Loose dentures: Loose Denture or Loose Dentures is usually caused by wear (denture wear and gum wear) of your old dentures and weight lost is also a major factor in loose dentures. Losing a few pounds can affect the fit of your denture (Loose Denture or Loose Dentures) . There's nothing worse than loose dentures, loose dentures cause sore spots and embrassment. Loose dentures can be fixed by using a denture reline or denture relining materials of professional use. You can reline your own loose dentures of have a dentist reline your loose dentures, either way relined dentures are much better than loose dentures.. loose dentures.

Denture Liner - Liners: a denture liner (liners) is a denture adhesive pad or reline material, to put in a dentures to add retention to denture to help hold denture, and dentures in place (denture liner liners). A denture liner (liners) are needed when your dentures become loose and irritating causing sore spots, denture liner, liners can temporarily hold dentures in place. A more permanet way without using temporary liners, liner is to reline dentures with a do it yourself reline kit. Liners, liner are fine for short time relief. We carry do it yourself denture reline kits, kit, here.

Affordable Dentures: affordable dentures are dentures that you think are affordable, cheap and low cost. (affordable dentures). Affordable dentures can be bought almost everywhere but make sure they are affordable before you buy check around for the best affordable prices.(affordable dentures) . What are affordable dentures and what do affordable dentures cost? Affordable dentures aren't all what there cracked up to be to learn more about affordable dentures click here and go to our affordable dentures page.

Denture Adhesive: (stick'em) denture adhesive pads, denture adhesive powders, denture adhesive paste and denture adhesive cushions that are placed into a denture to hold it temporarily in place. (adhesive)(denture adhesive) . There's not a whole lot we can say about denture adhesive besides another alternative is to reline dentures using a denture reline kit or reline your dentures through a dentist. Adhesive is a short term fix for loose dentures that need relining. There are many denture adhesive product materials out there to chose. We carry denture reline kits here not denture adhesive or adhesives.

Soft Denture Reline: Professional Soft Denture Reline Kits now available for Public use. Soft liner, Soft liners are great for your gums. Soft Reliners soft denture reline, liner, liners, reliners are all made of a soft denture material to help protect the natural gums from hard plastic dentures. They are also used on denture wearers who have no gum structures. (soft denture reline) . If you want a confortable fit than using a soft liner liners or a soft denture reline is the way to go. Soft denture relines feel great on gums and have a snug fit. Soft denture relines are getting more popular than ever and will remain so because of the soft confortable a soft denture reliner gives the denture wearer. We carry soft reline material kits here, not adhesive, liners or liner.

False Teeth:an artificial subsitute for natural teeth, removeable applicances man made (false teeth). False teeth or dentures (same) are needed whem your natural teeth are gone, false teeth replace your natural teeth as a subsitute (man made) to wear in place of your natural. To learn more about false teeth and George Washingtons false teeth click here to go to our false teeth page and learn more about false teeth and what Georges false teeth were really made of.

FalseTeeth Repair: repair (fix) artificial applicance that is broke, broken, cracked or has missing teeth (false teeth repair) . False teeth repair is fixing a denture repair or false teeth repair that has been broken, cracked or missing teeth. You can fix your own false teeth repair with a denture repair or kit at home easily and inexpensively or you can have a dentist fix you false teeth repair which will cost you more money than by you fixing your own false teeth repair at home. We carry false teeth repair kit (kits) here.

Denture Relines:means having to reline more than one denture, relines are needed when dentures become loose and irritating and easily fall out of your mouth (denture relines). You can do you own denture relines or have a dentist do your relines at a much higher cost. Denture relines can be done by using a reline kit, denture relines are easy to do and inexpensive using a denture reline kit. Don't be miss guided by the terms denture liners or liner and relines, denture liners or liner are just a temporary fix where denture relines are more permanent. We carry denture relines kit (kits) here, not liners, liner, adhesive or adhesives.

Cheap Dentures:cheap dentures are just that, cheap, affordable, and low cost, whatever fits your budget or lowest cost around. Sometimes made of cheaper material and low cost products (cheap dentures)(cheap) . Here again the word cheap related to affordable comes up, what's the difference, nothing. Cheap, affordable and even low cost, all the same just different words to get you to buy cheap, affordable, low cost dentures. There's nothing cheap, affordable or low cost about dentures. They're all to expensive, but that's the reason they use these keyword terms cheap, affordable and low cost dentures is to get you into there office and explain to you that only there economy dentures are affordable, cheap and low cost. What a hype! Cheap, affordable and low cost are gimic words to get you where they want you.

Low Cost Dentures:low cost dentures are just that, low cost, cheap, affordable, whatever fits your budget or lowest cost around. Sometimes made of cheaper material and low cost products (low cost dentures)(low cost) . Here we go again low cost , cheap and affordable dentures just read above and see everything related to the hype of cheap dentures, affordable dentures and low cost dentures enough said.

eline - Repair Material:denture material are materials needed to repair, reline, rebase, polish etc. material to make and care for dentures (denture material) . Denture material the substance of a denture and making of dentures. Professional denture material is sold through dental supply houses which carry many brands of material. Material has a wide relation to denture materials and products because products and material are of the same.

Denture Products:are products and or materials needed for dentures like, adhesive, denture repair, denture reline, soft denture reline, liner - liners denture cleaning, repair kits and reline dentures kits (denture products)(products) . Denture products or material are used for denture construction, there are many product brand material on the market and most material and products are sold through dental supply houses some products and material are sold to the public here. So as you can see denture products has a wide range of associations with materials.

Denture Reliners:denture reliners are needed when dentures become loose and irritating, won't stay in place, fall out of mouth ( reliners)( reliner). Reliners can be liners or a liner or denture reliners or relines. The difference is reliners, liners or liner are only a short term fix where denture reline, denture relines are more of a permanent fix. Actually the words denture reliners is associated with both relines, reline, liners and liner. We carry denture reline kits (kit) here to reline dentures not liners, liner or adhesives.

Denture Cleaning Tablets: stained dentures are older dentures which have collected plaque and stains from food and drink over the years, can be removed with denture tablets or dentist visit (stained dentures)(stained) Denture cleaning tablets are a types of cleaners, there are many types of cleaners on the market but the majority are cleaning tablets. The reason is that cleaning tablets are easy to use just drop in water and let it fizz. We carry cleaning tablets here not liners, liner or adhesive.