Did you every wonder why that after wearing Dentures 2-3 years your Dentures become Loose and Irritating. That's because of your Hard Plastic Dentures.

After 2-3 years of wearing Hard Plastic Dentures your Gums will start to wear down enough to causeyour Dentures to become Loose because of loss of suction. Your Dentures are much harder than your Gums so what do you think will wear first, your Gums of course.

Whem your Gums wear down just a little it will leave a gap between your Gums and Dentures causing and air pocket to where your Dentures won't seal anymore and will become Loose and Irritating.

This is the main reason soft liners were perfected to HELP STOP GUM SHRINKAGE! Some soft liners have a resilient texture (bounce back elasticity) stays Soft but Firm to help Save your Gums from Wear Tear of your Hard Plastic Dentures.

As long as you Reline your Dentures with a soft liner your Gums won't Shrink to any large degree. If your Gums don't Shrink you will always be able to wear Dentures with Satisfaction.

Department of Removable Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry,
University of Tokushima, Japan.

This study examined the effect of a soft denture liner on the distribution of stresses in the denture-supporting structures. Dentures without a linear and with three configurations of a soft liner were simulated by using a two-dimensional viscoelastic finite-element stress analysis. The stress intensity at functional force-bearing areas decreased when a soft denture liner was used. However, the stresses in the bone increased remarkably up to 3.0 seconds after loading. Because of the time-dependent effect of stresses applied to soft denture liners, denture patients who clench or brux may not benefit as greatly from soft denture liners. The study indicates that viscoelastic finite-element analysis is helpful for evaluating soft denture liners. Soft denture liners appear to be useful for improving the stress distribution in the supporting structures under dentures and in turn causing less gum loss.