Need Dentures after Pregnancy? It’s More Common than You Think!

Pregnancy can cause bad teeth resulting in dentures.

Many young women wonder why after pregnancy and during pregnancy their teeth begin to decay, chip or even lose their enamel.

Being pregnant should be one of the happiest times of your life.  Bringing a new life into this world and so much love to give.

Why do some women’s teeth go bad during pregnancy?  The little baby in your tummy may be taking your calcium that you need for bone and teeth health.  Be sure to take your prenatal vitamins and if you think you might be at risk for tooth decay, check with your dentist.  There are several different types of prenatal vitamins and your dentist or OBGYN will be able to tell you what would be best, possibly vitamins high in calcium.

Could it be hereditery?  Sure!  If your mom had bad teeth after pregnancy, ask her if she was prescribed prenatal vitamins or not.   Don’t worry though, just take precautions and follow your dentist and doctor’s recommendations.  Besides, if you do need all of your teeth extracted for any reason, even if not due to pregnancy, dentures aren’t so bad.  They can have a positive effect on your mood and self confidence.  Having a beautiful smile can help boost your self esttem and we all know that being a mother in the first few months is very challenging.  Yes, we’re up half the night nursing and changing diapers and go on very little sleep-no, it’s not easy, but it is worth it!

Dentures can be tricky to wear at first, but a good denture reline by your dentist or home denture reline kits like what we have to offer will help enjoy wearing your dentures with confidence!

So if you do need dentures, don’t let them get you down.  It just takes a little time getting used to them and you will be so overjoyed with your little bundle of joy, that dentures will be the last thing on your mind.