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Perma Laboratories gets Five Star Reviews

September 14th, 2017: Perma Laboratories, a company that makes denture reline kits has received a five star rating at Amazon Store. The company which has been making denture relines for the last 30 years is elated to receive such recognition by its customers. While making the announcement, the company spokesperson Melissa Lima said that Perma Laboratories has been making denture reliners which are long lasting and provide a custom-fit denture liner for those who may be experiencing loose and irritating dentures. The company which has been in business since 1986 cannot hide the excitement for receiving the highest rating possible for their products. Melissa said that it is an honor, “the five-star reviews is an indication that we deliver products which satisfy our customers and we will continue to offer them high quality as well as affordable denture relines.

All the five-star reviews are from verified Amazon purchase. A five-star review or rating is the highest a company or a product can get. It normally signifies customer satisfaction with the product or services offered by a given company.  With customer satisfaction signifying the quality of a product, this is a position that most companies aspire but only a few manage to achieve the high rating.

In his review one customer who purchased the product said that he found the product after a long search.The customer added that he found the Perma Soft denture reliner easy to use and is not messy as some of the products he had used before. The customer said that he gave the product a five star review due to its effectiveness and affordability.

In another verified purchase, a customer said that he switched to Pro Soft denture liner after reading the positive reviews that the customers were giving. He confesses that he was skeptical at first but upon using it, he also decided to share with others who may be facing a similar challenge so that they can benefit, too.

Customers gave varied reasons as to why they rated the company highly but they were allin agreement that the product is long lasting, performs better and also easy to use.

As a company which is experienced in making denture reline kits, the business promised to continue offering their customers products that will serve them right , last long and also easy to use.

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Cushion Grip Discontinued? Try ProSoft Denture Reline Kit

Cushion Grip Replacement
Cushion Grip

Why Denture Wearers Use ProSoft and Perma Soft Denture Reline Kits since Cushion Grip has been Discontinued

Perma Laboratories has been in business for over 30 years. Making dentures fit since 1986! Our denture reline kits are long lasting and provide a custom fit denture liner for loose, irritating dentures.

Perma Laboratories has a A+ BBB Rating and is FDA Registered as required.

Denture Wearers!
Since Cushion Grip has been discontinued, denture wearers are finding the secure comfort in our Perma Soft Denture Reliner Kits. Some reviews from Amazon we’ve received:

Pro Soft reline works great
By john on August 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was searching for a product to replace cushion grip. Pro Soft is actually better. Easy to use and not as messy. No tube to heat up under hot water before use. Comes with two applications one is plenty fro upper or lower denture. Once trimmed stays that way for good. Once applied stays the same way and doesn’t change until you replace it with a new one, which I haven’t had to do yet. Can be soaked with denture cleaner over night and can be used with Fixodent or Poli-grip. Super product for the person who cannot afford a reline job from the dentist.
5.0 out of 5 stars Good replacement for previous cushion grip users
By SdCon February 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was a happy cushion grip user until they stopped making it. I looked around for a product that did the same thing. I read review after review and finally settled on ProSoft. I did this because a previous cushion grip user recommended it as a similar replacement. The reviewer suggested that to get the same results you needed to stir the mixture until the consistency was about the same as the consistency the cushion grip. This is longer than the ProSoft directions say. I did this and low and behold the result was exactly as the cushion grip and performed and even better. I purchased on Sept 15, 2015 and have only needed to replace once and the second application is still in place and just fine. I must say that I only have used it on the lower denture because the upper is just fine without any additional help. Some say the taste when you first apply is not very good. For those of us that are used to the cushion grip product is is about the same and goes away quickly. By the way, I only use about half of a bottle and powder to do the entire lower denture so I get 4 applications with each purchase. Great product.

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