Partial Dentures


Are partial dentures easier to wear than full dentures?

Yes!  The reason partial dentures are easier to wear than full dentures is because you still have remaining natural teeth in your mouth that act as an anchor, which in turn, keeps your denture more secure.

If at all possible try to keep some of your natural teeth if they are healthy and do not have any decay.  Anchoring your partial to solid tooth helps keep in place so it doesn’t shift and move so much.

Nonetheless, partials also become loose and can irritate your gums and cause sore spots.  In this case, your dentist may place a denture reline in your partial.  It may be a soft or hard reliner, but it will fill in the gaps between your denture and your gums.

Another important fact for those with partials, be sure that when you use an over-the-counter denture reliner, that you only use it on the plastic part of the denture.  Our denture reline kits will not adhere to the metal on the partial, they only adhere to the plastic/acrylic part of the denture.

Some partials are made of all plastic/acrylic, while other are completely metal with teeth attached.  Moreover, most partial dentures contain both metal and plastic.

Below is a gallery of pictures of what partial dentures look like:


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Why are My Gums Shrinking after Extractions for Dentures?


You may wonder why after your teeth are extracted for a new set of dentures that your gums are shrinking.  Once your teeth are pulled, swelling around the area that the tooth was extracted will swell and cause some redness to that area of the gums.  This is completely and totally normal.  Usually, your dentist will make a temporary set of dentures until your permanent set is made.

During the time your dentures are being made, the swelling in your gums will reduce drastically and your temporary dentures will become loose quite quickly.  This is when you can use a soft denture reliner, like ProSoft Denture Liner, which is also a tissue conditioner for sore gums from recently extracted teeth.  Or you can have your dentist reline your dentures until your new ones are ready.

You will be lucky if your permanent dentures fit right away.  However, this is unlikely to occur, but if you are one of the lucky ones, that is wonderful for you.  The unlucky ones will have their permanent dentures that will most likely not fit and they will be loose.   However, your dentist will know what needs to be done.  He/she will reline your false teeth with a denture liner.  This might be a hard reline or a soft denture reliner.  It is up to your dentist to decide, since he is the professional and knows which is best.

When your denture plates or partials are relined by your dentist, they may feel great for several months or years.   Moreover, you may think you’ll never need to have them relined again, but one day you’ll wake up and realize that you do need a reliner in your denture.  Many things can cause you to need a new denture liner placed in your false teeth.  For example, if you lose weight you also lose weight in your gums, too.  Another example might be that your gums have shrunk even more after the extractions.  There are several reasons why you denture needs a new reline and you can visit our site about Gum Shrinkage here.


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Keeping Your Loose Dentures in a Glass?

Try Perma Soft denture reliner.  You won’t want to leave your dentures in a glass.  You’ll want to wear them so you can eat the foods you once loved without pain or slipping dentures.

Using a denture liner will improve the suction and fit for loose, irritating dentures.  When dentures do not fit properly, they can cause sore spots, which in turn makes one not want to wear their false teeth.

It’s always important to see your dentist, but when you are in desperate need to wear your dentures, or to even just eat a regular meal with solid foods, then a denture reline kit is a great solution for loose dentures.

For more information about wearing dentures with a denture liner, you can visit our site here.

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When is it Time to Get Dentures?

Getting dentures is a very personal matter.  Most likely you’ll know when it’s time and your dentist will be able to tell you as well.

Most importantly, if your dentures are causing your mouth pain and several teeth need to be pulled, it may be time for dentures, or maybe you only need a partial denture.

If you need more information regarding dentures and learning to wear them, you can visit our page of “All About Dentures.”

Another reason you might need dentures is if you were born with soft teeth.  Soft teeth or teeth with little or no enamel (yes, some people are born like this), causes the tooth to become decayed and weakened.  In this case, it’s very important to save your gums and your bones in your mouth from becoming infected, which will be a very painful experience.

If you have rotting teeth and can be very detrimental to your health.  It is a known fact that bad teeth cause heart problems and other health issues.

Bad breath?  Most likely from rotting teeth.  It can be embarrassing for anyone to have to experience bad breath.

Aesthetics?  Yes, dentures can give you a beautiful smile.  Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they look at you.  Once you have dentures, you will most likely feel secure when smiling and much more confident.

What if your dentures are uncomfortable and you don’t want to wear them?

Perma Soft Denture Reline Kit, Making Dentures fit since 1986

You should first visit your dentist to see if he can adjust the denture for a better fit.  However, you may need a permanent or soft denture reline from your dentist.  Your gums will shrink once your teeth are extracted and your dentures will ultimately become loose and cause your gums to be sore and end up with unbearable sore spots.  While your gums heal you can use a soft reliner like ProSoft Denture Reliners, which also is a tissue conditioner like dentists use.  The main ingredient in the liquid is ethyl alcohol and it will soothe sore gums and promote faster healing.

ProSoft Denture Liner

Most importantly, be sure to keep your regular dental visits.  Your dentist knows best and will be able to see beyond the outer teeth with x-rays.  He may also propose that you get implants.  Yes, they can be expensive, but make wearing dentures much easier.  In the meantime, have your dentist place a soft denture liner in your denture plate or use an over-the-counter denture reline kit or DIY denture reliner until you can see your dentist.


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