Dentures Repair

Anyone who’s dropped their dentures onto the floor or into the sink has felt their heart skip a beat as it slipped out of their hands. Dentures are a significant investment of money and damaging them can be a pricey affair. Luckily, for most minor to mild types of damage, denture repair can be completed with a simple self repair kit that we carry.

The most common types of damage are chipping and cracking. These are obvious signs of damage that will reveal the fact that you have dentures rather quickly. Damage to the pink base can also cause tissue damage to your soft gums and surrounding oral tissue. That’s why you should always care for your dentures and handle them over a towel or sink full of water.

Our Professional do-it-yourself repair kits that are available through us can simply fix your denture in short time. Most kits use a resin that is below the standards of medical-grade material. The color is usually different than the source material, and a poor repair job can cause tissue damage if improperly applied.

Keep any broken pieces of your dentures on hand so they all match up. By carefully examining the pieces of your denture you can determine if the denture is fixable with a repair, or if you require an entirely new set.

The repair time can vary depending on the seriousness of the damage. A missing tooth, for instance, is easy to fix and can be replaced the same day. Things like cracks and fractures in areas that contact your gums or mouth tissue will require more extensive re-modeling work that may include impressions of your mouth and off-site work.

The condition of your dentures will also have an influence on repair time. Older dentures that have been worn a lot may be more suitably replaced rather than repaired.

Using with a denture self-repair kit will save you time and money.

WARNING: Denture Repair Kits are for emergency use only until a dentist can be seen.