Everything you need to KNOW about Dentures and More...

Hard Plastic Dentures

I have been making Dentures for 30 years and it still amazes me why someone hasn't come out with a softer, more flexible Denture. Hard plastic Dentures cause Denture Wearers a lot of Gum Structure Problems.

Dentures are made of Hard Plastic Dental Resin, actually too hard for human jaws and gum structures; thus, causing sore, irritating gums especially when they become loose and it sounds like marbles clacking around in your mouth.

They are testing new flexible materials, but they're having a problem keeping denture teeth from falling out of the denture. Someday soon they will perfect softer, more flexible Dentures for the Denture Wearers. Dentures being softer and more flexible should feel a lot more like their own natural teeth.

Getting used to New Dentures for the First Time Denture Wearer!

Getting used to New Dentures can have it's problems like no room in your mouth for food, slurred speech, feeling like two rocks are in your mouth, a hard time chewing, biting your tongue, etc. All of these problems are natural and your worst enemy is YOURSELF and your best friend is TIME!

So, take your time if this is your first time wearing Dentures. As time goes by they will keep feeling better and better. Even after only having your them a for a few hours they will start feeling more natural to you, so let time help you get used to them.

Upper Dentures (top ones) are easier to get used to than the lowers.
With upper Dentures you have a palate (roof of your mouth) for suction to help hold them in. It will form a seal around the rim of your Dentures and hold them in tighter than the lower Dentures. Lower Dentures just sit on the ridge of your lower jaw bone with really nothing to hold them down tight. Wearing lower Dentures can be much more difficult than wearing upper Dentures.

Problems Dentures can Cause

Dentures cause Slurred Speech--- not used to them or Dentures could be too thick

Dentures Clacking against each other--- not used to them yet or too Loose

Dentures become Loose and Irritating--- Dentures are too Loose and need relined

Dentures will cause Sore Spots--- Dentures are too long in certain areas

Dentures can gag you--- Dentures too long in roof of mouth

Dentures can cause Gum Shrinkage--- caused by weight loss and hard Dentures

Helpful Hints for New Dentures

1. Take Small Bites
2. Take your Time
3. Just play around with your Dentures the first few days.
4. Getting used to Speaking more clearly---Read out loud and listen to the words that come out wrong and then say them over and over until you say them right.
5. Put a little water in sink before cleaning your Dentures. If you drop them they will just hit the water and won't break
6. Sleep with your new Dentures in your mouth the first few nights, it will help you get used to them faster.